Building-Automation and its needs of specialized Cables

• Multiplexes, MaLls and high rise buildings are norm of the day. A fulL complement of CabLes for control, connectivity, alarm, security, sound, water sprinklers, CCTV camera and building managemeni systems are required.

• A system failure due to malfunction or loss of continuity or poor workmanship of quaLity and materiaL can be catastrophic. The cost of relaying wiLL be astronomicaL than to the cost of initial procurement and laying. Hence our emphasis is in achieving the optimum quaLity targets. The following are our quality management principle.

Quality must be defined in conformance to the exact requirements and not merely aesthetics. Selection of best of raw-materials and pre-manufacturing shop - fLoor testing to give zero-defects performance.

Designing, processing and inter-stage checks during progressive manufacturing is the haLlmark of quaLity.

Final product rigorous testing for quality is the motto of the company’s dedication to total quaLity an conformance to applications. Our ranges of Cables on buiLding automation are foLLowing types

• Security and fire aLarm Cables
• Communication and control Cables 1 p | 2p | 4p |
• CCTV camera Co-axial Cables
• Audio and RA. System CabLes
• Access Control & Building Management Systems

The finished products are thoroughly checked for high voLtage integrity, resistivity, capacitance, inductance and other vitaL parameters before the professionaLLy tangle-proof packings for transportations to the site to perform as per our estabLished name for quaLity performance.