Flexible Cables are used for transmission of low voltage signals, while permanently connecting fixed parts of machine such as panel board to any apparatus or mobile units.

They are used in

(a) Home Appliances
(b) Robots
(c) Numerically controlled machine tools
(d) Cranes
(e) Radars

Where cables of voltages upto 1100 volts are utilised, they are manufactured as per
IS:694 and are packed in a coil form having a standard length of 100 meters.
Sigma Cables manufactures single as well as multi core flexible wires and cable in a
range of 0.5 sq. mm. upto 400 sq. mm.

Flexible Cables consists of soft annealed bare copper bunched conductor, insulated
sheathed with PVC.

The lSl code used for flexible wires and cables are as follows:
     i) ‘Y’: PVC insulated copper conductor single core wire.
     ii) ‘YY’: PVC insulated and sheathed copper conductor multi core cable.

Sigma Cables can manufacture multicore cables upto a maximum of 100 cores.
Flexible Auto Cables are mainly used in Automobile Industries.